About Us

Multicultural Care Center is a company established in St. Paul, Minnesota catering to the needs of seniors, older adults and families in the area. Most of the clients/residents in our care fall in the following categories:

  • Medically-fragile patients requiring assistance with daily living activities
  • Assessed by the nurse or the physician as needing long-term residential care to address critical or chronic health issues
  • Cannot be left alone at home due to disability or health issues
  • Recovering from a recent surgery or medical treatment; requiring short-term care
  • Diagnosed with Developmental Disabilities
  • Traumatic Brain Injury patients

For the clients in the care of Multicultural Care Center, staying alone at home or living independently may post a risk on their health and safety. This is why families entrust them to us for several hours a day or for full-time care in a residential setting.

In providing our services, we shall uphold our mission to provide personal assistance and genuine support. We will offer flexible care options from Home-Based Non-Medical Care, State-funded Waiver Programs to Residential Senior Care services at affordable prices.

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